What you need to know about calligraphy brush strokes

There is a huge difference between Japanese or Chinese calligraphy and Western calligraphy. When dealing with Oriental calligraphy, there is a need to use brushes as the pens are not going to be suitable. Brushes are utilized to draw many different strokes. Most people think that there will only be one brush that they would need to use but this is definitely not something that is true. There are many different brushes that are possible and they will vary in thickness and hair type that is utilized. The hair that is included can come from wolves, rabbits, goats and even rats. Every single one will be soft and the brush stroke will be smooth.

If you are a beginner, you should start by using a bristle that is stiffer because of the fact that it is a lot easier to handle them. Some writers are going to want to use soft brushes due to the belief that these are going to teach the beginner to properly control a stroke. The Japanese and Chinese calligraphy sets will come with an ink stone, a water container and an ink stick. Ink will be created by simply rubbing the ink stick while placed in water with the use of the ink stone.

This is a traditional way of creating ink and it has the advantage of having a really high quality when compared with other types that are available on the market. However, if you do not want to create your own ink, there are many different inks that you can buy. They will not have the same quality but they will be suitable for a beginner. In addition, keep in mind that Japanese and Chinese calligraphy is a little difficult to master and you will have to keep practising; after all, practice makes perfect!

Two easy tips for calligraphy beginners!

If you are a beginner in calligraphy, there are many things that you will have to know. The first one is linked with the calligraphy set that you need to buy. The sets that are going to be used in Western calligraphy will vary a lot when looking at prices and sizes. A beginner has

Should you use ballpoint pens or fountain pens in calligraphy?

One of the biggest debates going on at the moment among calligraphy professionals is what pen type to use. The choice is made on personal tastes but almost all calligraphers are going to utilized ballpoint pens or fountain pens. This is especially true when dealing with Western calligraphy. Other types, like Oriental calligraphy, will focus

Wondering what ink type to use in Western calligraphy?

Western calligraphy ink is just as important as the ink that you use in other calligraphy styles. What you need to understand is that you have to think about some factors that are really important. The first one is the pen type that you are using. Most calligraphers are going to utilize dip pens or

What ink should you use in Japanese and Chinese calligraphy?

Although you might think differently, calligraphy ink is really important and it is a personal choice that the artist makes. If you do not choose the proper ink, the result is not going to be a really good one. We do have access to many colors and types that we can choose from but it

Is wedding calligraphy profitable?

Nowadays there are different wedding calligraphy specialists that can be contacted and their services are quite important. It is not at all that easy to master wedding calligraphy skill but this is something that you might want to take into account because of the fact that it can be really profitable. In addition, it is

What are the Japanese calligraphy tools that you need?

There are basically four Japanese calligraphy tools that will be necessary for every single calligrapher. They are the paper, ink, ink stone and brush. The most important tool in Japanese calligraphy is the brush (also referred to as fude). The other three are also going to be necessary and should never be neglected though. There

What supplies do you need when it comes to calligraphy?

Most people tend to think that calligraphy just needs paper and pen in order to work. There are many that think that practice with these tools is all that is needed but this is not actually true. We have to say that calligraphy stands out as a handwriting art and there are actually many different

Get to know the history of Middle Eastern, Oriental and Indian calligraphy!

Middle Eastern calligraphy style evolved in 2 evolution lines. An older Persian style stands out as unique due to the nail shaped lettering present in diagonal, vertical and horizontal directions. It appeared around the 6th century BC and then continued to be utilized in many monument inscriptions. After around 1000 years the Arabic calligraphy style

Do you know the initial history of Western calligraphy?

Calligraphy stands out as an artistic lettering style that was first used as a way to preserve religious texts. Nowadays it is basically a mean to enhance the design of different documents, certificates, inscriptions, nameplates, invitation cards and so on with the use of fancy lettering. What is interesting about calligraphy is the fact that